Abeta PunchOut Catalog

The Abeta PunchOut Catalog is specifically made for quickly setting up an OCI or cXML integration with your customers. Does your company not have a webshop, do you want to make a proof-of-concept, or want to quickly provide Punchout to your customers? Then the Abeta PunchOut Catalog is exactly what you're looking for!

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Abeta Catalog integrates with all systems supporting OCI or cXML PuncOut:

Getting started from the admin panel!

As a supplier, you get access to your own admin panel. From there, you can have your customers order via OCI and cXML PunchOut with a few simple steps. Need help? We'll be happy to assist!


Add products to the Abeta Catalog. Many products? We make an import!


Create a new customer and couple a catalog.


Send or copy the connection details directly from your Abeta Dashboard.


Your customer is connected! Watch the activity log and check the activity of your customer(s).

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Your customer specific catalog

Your customer connects directly to the Abeta Catalog which is customized in your corporate style. Colors, logos, menus, it can all be customized to your needs!


Personalized layout

The colors and logo are customized as desired. Your customer will feel like he is shopping in one of your webshops.


Customer-specific assortment

You can easily create a customer-specific assortment via the admin panel. This can be done by indicating per customer which product group should be visible or not, or by applying other filters.

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Other functionalities

Product feed

If your product information changes frequently, a product feed can be auto-imported.

Transportation Costs

Shipping costs are calculated based on the order amount and sent along to the procurement system.

Activity Log

In the log you can monitor customer actions. This way you can see how customers are using your integrations.


With Abeta you can easily, and without technical knowledge, integrate all procurement systems using OCI and cXML PunchOut. Customers and products are easy to manage, allowing you to integrate with ERP's packages at high speed.

No technical knowledge needed
No changes to website
Easy to maintain
Live quickly
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Would you like more information? Feel free to contact us at +31 85 - 06 03 922 or info@a-beta.com (response within 48 hours on working days).