PunchOut conversion tools


Do your customers want to connect in a way that your E-commerce application does not support? We got you covered! Abeta will transform your customers requests into requests you understand!

OCI to cXML conversion

We make sure your cXML PunchOut supporting platform will integrate flawlessly with OCI.

cXML to OCI converter

Convert cXML requests into OCI requests, so your customers can order on your OCI platform.

Order Confirmation Conversions

We convert your order confirmations into a format of your choice.

Abeta Converter

Converting OCI to cXML and vice versa.

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

  • How does the converter work?

    The converter introduces a layer in between the procurement system and your current shop, which allows for data translation, enrichment and adjustment. This way we make sure that requests from the procurement system are converted into requests you can understand!

  • How many converters do I need?

    The total number of converters needed is dependant on the amount of unique mappings are required. In general we create at least 1 converter for every unique procurement system we connect to.

  • To which procurement systems / erps can we connect with the converter?

    We can connect to all procurement systems that support OCI and/or cXML PunchOut. A full list of currently connected ERP systems can be found here.

  • I need conversion to PunchOut Level 2.

    Conversion to PunchOut level 2 is possible with the Abeta Converter, but this requires the right OCI capabilities on your end.