Webshop with OCI integration, but no cXML PunchOut PunchOut.

Do your business customers want to order via cXML PunchOut, but your webshop only supports OCI? Can your customers who use SAP Ariba, Oracle or Coupa not link with your existing OCI webshop?

cXML Abeta Converter OCI

We have the solution. The Abeta Converter - OCI to cXML PunchOut.

Abeta helps you, without any modifications to your webshop, to offer cXML PunchOut integrations. The Abeta Converter translates all incoming messages into OCI and translates the outgoing messages back into cXML. Within a few days, your website will be compatible with your customer's procurement system.

Contact us directly at info@a-beta.com or call +31 85 06 03 922