Abeta Hosted Punchout Catalog

Personalized B2B shopping experience

The Abeta PunchOut Catalog is specifically made for quickly setting up an OCI or cXML integration with your customers. Does your company not have a webshop, do you want to make a proof-of-concept, or want to quickly provide Punchout to your customers? Then the Abeta PunchOut Catalog is exactly what you're looking for!

Notify users what's new with product changelog

Native shopping experience

Easily find the right products for your needs!

The Abeta hosted punchout catalog is a highly optimized webshop. It is fast, has great search features, and is optimized for B2B customers!

  • Little Star
    Search is highly relevant and typo-tolerant
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    Add your own custom filters per product

Advanced B2B catalogs

Every customer their own personalized B2B catalog

Add client personalization

Add your clients logo or use their corporate colors to completely personalize the catalog.

Add product visibility filters

Select which products and categories can or cannot be seen on a per customer basis.

Create a product roadmap to prioritize customer feedback

Hosted catalog features

Some more features

The Abeta Hosted PunchOut Catalog has most features you will need. We listed some of them below, but we have many more!

  • Product import

    If your product information changes frequently, a product feed can be auto-imported.

  • Shipping/Handling Costs

    (Complex) Shipping costs can be calculated independently, per customer.

  • Coupled products

    Have products that cannot be ordered independently? With linked products this can be solved easily!

  • Variable products

    Have many products that are similair, but not the same? Use variable products.

  • Activity logs

    In the log you can monitor customer actions. This way you can see how customers are using your integrations.

  • Typo tolerant search

    The advanced search functionality is typo tolerant, and lightning fast!