OCI & cXML PunchOut integrations for Prestashop

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OCI for Prestashop

Enable your E-commerce solution with PunchOut capabilities. All our plugins support OCI and cXML PunchOut.

cXML PunchOut for Prestashop

We can handle order confirmations, and sent them directly into your E-Commerce solution.

cXML Purchase orders for Prestashop

If desired we can enrich your data, or apply various translations, conversions or functions.

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If you have anything else you want to ask, Do you need an OCI plugin or cXML PunchOut plugin for your Prestashop webshop? Abeta's Prestashop plugin connects your Prestashop webshop via an intermediate layer (middleware) with your customers their purchasing systems. The middleware makes is easy to connect with all different purchasing packages, without requiring many updates to the plugin or your website. A one-time installation of the plugin is enough to offer both OCI and cXML PunchOut to all your customers on all different procurement packages!

Want to know more about connecting your Prestashop via Abeta? Reach out to us!.